Archives: February 2005

The Blog Train is Leaving the Station

ABC News calls them the People of the Year and, according to the statistics, a new one appears every seven and a half seconds. Who are they? They are The Bloggers. 2004 was the year blogging went mainstream. You mean you don’t have a blog? How is that possible…? I...

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A Peek Under the Hood: Mambo & osCommerce

In last week’s Web@Work column I took on a bit of an apples and oranges comparison: One of the challenges of working with open source software is dealing with the variations that exist from product to product. osCommerce and Mambo, two of my favourite open source products, provide a classic...

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The Open Source Ecosystem

More than half of the large firms in North America are employing Open Source software in some fashion, and another 19% are planning to use it by years’ end, according to Forrester Research. In a new report, entitled “How Firms Should Work With the Open Source Ecosystem”, Forrester Research outlines...

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