Drupal 6 Themes

The second in the Drupal Themes series for Packt Publishing. The ideal introduction to theming in Drupal 6. The main requirements to make use of this book are knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a touch of creativity - you don't need to know anything about theming in Drupal, although you should be familiar with the basic operation of the Drupal system. Although this book aims to make Drupal theming accessible to designers, theming in Drupal 6 involves writing some PHP code, and a basic knowledge of PHP will be helpful. Regardless of your technical skills, this book will teach you to design themes for your Drupal websites in the easiest way.

Packt Announces the Release of Drupal 6 Themes Title

Today is the official release of my newest book –┬áDrupal 6 Themes. Here is the press release from my publisher, Packt Publishing: Packt is pleased to announce a new book that teaches users to create and modify themes for Drupal websites. Written by prominent Open Source and Content Management expert...

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