Archives: March 2009

IBM set to shine?

Rumours of a pending IBM / Sun deal raise some interesting questions. What if IBM became the steward of Java, StarOffice and MySQL? The potential for a lot of good things, I would say. IBM has a well-established history of supporting open source (and they also do a pretty good...

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Smaller budgets, not smaller deployments

My fave tech industry insider, The Reg, today reports on an IDC study that indicates the recession is speeding adoption of Linux. The conclusion mirrors what we’ve been seeing at water&stone as well, that is, while the downturn has lead to a few people deferring projects, many have not, choosing instead to consider...

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Open Source CMS Social Resources

I received a request the other day from someone interested in finding social networking-type resources focused on open source content management systems. A good question, and one that I thought might make a useful list of resources. I did a bit of looking around at the larger networks and found...

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