Content Management, of the Fierce variety

Fierce Content Management published today an interview I did a week or two ago with editor Ron Miller. The article is the latest in their series of one-on-one chats with industry insiders. In the words of the publisher, the series provides “in-depth interviews and conversations with the leading ECM minds...

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Announcing: The Drupal Bible

It’s official, the ink has dried on the contract and the table of contents has been approved: My next book project is the Drupal Bible! This will be my fourth title for U.S. publisher Wiley & Sons and my second book in the popular Bible series. For those of you...

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Ubuntu Visual Blueprint Released

Today is the official release date of my newest title — the Ubuntu Linux Desktop Visual Blueprint. Though April 9 is the “official” date of release, I just got back from Singapore where I saw copies of the book already on display in the bookstores! The Ubuntu Linux Visual Blueprint...

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Ubuntu Linux Visual Blueprint

This visual reference book looks at the Ubuntu Linux Desktop system, with an eye towards helping beginners get started and set up their first Linux desktop.