Open Source

Open Search Opens Up

Amazon’s search startup,, has launched a new service called Open Search and it may shake things up a bit. Read on to see how this new open standards search offering works and how it might impact the industry. A9 is a late-comer to the search engine wars and has...

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The Open Source Ecosystem

More than half of the large firms in North America are employing Open Source software in some fashion, and another 19% are planning to use it by years’ end, according to Forrester Research. In a new report, entitled “How Firms Should Work With the Open Source Ecosystem”, Forrester Research outlines...

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Review: Mambo Open Source CMS

A review of the Mambo Open Source Content Management System — one of the brightest technologies on the web today. After months of development and testing, what I feel is one of the most exciting projects on the Internet has reached final public release: Mambo Open Source. Mambo is a...

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