Talking Tech at Ned

Join me this coming Thursday at the Ned Hotel in London for the latest in the NedTalks series, “Technology for Humanitarian Settings.” The event will be virtual this month, and is invitation only, so please reach out if interested in attending.

Mark Lowcock, head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), predicted that in 2020 “168 million people worldwide will need humanitarian assistance and protection.” That number represents about 1 person in 45 on the planet. It is the highest figure in decades. Intractable issues such as wars, violence, political upheaval, religious persecution, economic instability and sociopolitical crisis have uprooted record numbers of people.

Digital technologies can add value in humanitarian crises in multiple ways. Developments in digital technologies are being used to enable the tracking and delivery of in-kind aid and facilitate cash assistance programs in humanitarian settings and coordinate, collect and analyse data in crisis to enable a timely and appropriate response among many uses. On Thursday, 28 October, I join an expert panel to share some of the latest applications of technology in humanitarian settings and discuss barriers to wider adoption.

Panelists include:

  • Dr Jane Thomason (Host)
  • Sofie Blakstad (hivenetwork)
  • Adam Bornstein (Danish Red Cross)
  • Ric Shreves (Mercy Corps)
  • Josh Hallwright (Oxfam)

About NEDTech with Dr Jane Thomason

Hosted once a month by Dr Jane Thomason international blockchain and social impact thought leader. The NEDTech series season 1 is designed for The Ned’s private members who want to gain an insight into various elements of cutting edge tech and innovation coupled with inspiring thought leaders that help provide a unique insight into the world coupled with lively debates.

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