Announcing: The Drupal Bible

It’s official, the ink has dried on the contract and the table of contents has been approved: My next book project is the Drupal Bible!

This will be my fourth title for U.S. publisher Wiley & Sons and my second book in the popular Bible series. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bible series of tech books, Wiley pushes authors to provide “the ultimate resource” on the topic at hand. The books strive to be comprehensive and authoritative.

The Drupal Bible, like the Joomla! Bible I am currently working on, will cover how to obtain and install the core, how to configure the system optimally, and how to manage the various core features. Looking beyond the core, I dive into customization, common extensions, and the basics of ongoing site management.

The Bible series includes explanations, tips and practical examples. Weighing in at well over 700 pages, it is expected that this book will provide a much-needed resource for site administrators and those who are looking to deploy sites using the Drupal CMS.

Current plans are for a publication date in late Q4, with the hope being that we can focus on the upcoming Drupal 7 release.


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