Drupal 5 Themes

Packt Publishing today announced the release of my newest title – Drupal 5 Themes.

As the Packt site explains:

Create a new theme for your Drupal website with a clean layout and powerful CSS styling.

  • Learn to create new Drupal 5 Themes
  • No experience of Drupal 5 theming required
  • Set up and configure themes
  • Understand Drupal 5’s themeable functions
  • Finding your way around Drupal 5’s theming architecture
  • Locating and identifying the various elements, functions, and styles
  • Working with the PHPTemplate templating engine
  • Intercepting and overriding default templates and styles

I think most Drupal fans will find the book of interest. Not only did we explain step-by-step the key functions, but we also documented all the (20+) style sheets and all the themeable functions. It’s our hope that even more experienced Drupal developers will find the resources contained in the book to be useful.

In typical Packt style — 5% of all profits goes back to the Drupal Foundation.

In case you had been wondering where I had disappeared to these last few weeks/months — now you know!

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