Packt Announces the Release of Drupal 6 Themes Title

Today is the official release of my newest book – Drupal 6 Themes. Here is the press release from my publisher, Packt Publishing: Packt is pleased to announce a new book that teaches users to create and modify themes for Drupal websites. Written by prominent Open Source and Content Management expert Ric Shreves, Drupal 6 Themes helps users create a striking new look for their Drupal websites with clean layout and powerful CSS styling. Drupal is a free Open Source modular framework and Content Management System (CMS). Drupal is extremely scalable, making it ideal for both a simple personal website as well as an industrial strength commercial or institutional web presence. Written in the programming language PHP/MySQL, its power and flexibility combined with its exceptional design means it is one of the most popular choices for creating a CMS website. This book is a revised, updated and expanded edition of Drupal 5 Themes, written specifically for Drupal 6. Through this book, programmers will learn about the Drupal theming architecture and the PHPTemplate engine. Along with installing and modifying new themes, users will also learn to create dynamic styling and discover tools that make theming easier and efficient. As an open source project, Drupal is free to download. This means that it survives through volunteers and donations from an enthusiastic community. In a move designed to demonstrate their support and to help provide a source of revenue for the project, Packt is paying the Drupal Foundation a percentage of every book sold. “This is something we do for all open source projects that we publish books on” explains Packt spokesman Damian Carvill. “Our aim is to establish our royalties as part of the service and support business model that sustains Open Source.” Through this book users will understand the logic behind the theming system employed in Drupal, and how to make it work for them. This book is available with Packt. For more information, please visit

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