Ubuntu Visual Blueprint Released

Today is the official release date of my newest title — the Ubuntu Linux Desktop Visual Blueprint. Though April 9 is the “official” date of release, I just got back from Singapore where I saw copies of the book already on display in the bookstores!

The Ubuntu Linux Visual Blueprint covers the Hardy Heron release of the Ubuntu Desktop operating system and goes into a great deal of detail concerning not only the base OS, but also the bundled applications, including Open Office. If you are looking to adopt the Ubuntu Desktop, this book is a nice “how to” — the “missing manual” if you will.

If you have not looked at the Ubuntu Desktop, but are curious about whether a Linux desktop system is right for you, I would encourage you to download Hardy Heron and check it out. It’s quite impressive and for many people would be a perfectly acceptable Windows replacement. Indeed, those of you who are tech-oriented really have no excuse any more. If you’re sick of Windows, you now have a viable option.

This title is my second for Wiley’s Visual Blueprint Series. The books take a visual, step-by-step approach to the subject and are highly task-oriented. I’m working now on another title for Wiley, this time the Joomla! Bible, which is slated for release in September of this year.


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