WordPress Site Builder Seminar

Hubud - WordPress CourseLiving here in Bali, I seldom get the chance to do many seminars locally. That changed recently when I teamed up with the people at Hubud, Ubud’s ultra cool co-working space. (Check out their site — the place is pretty amazing: http://Hubud.org). We started talking about the possibility of doing some practical hands-on sessions for their people and one thing lead to another…

On 20 September I will be running a full day seminar entitled “WordPress Site Builder.” The flyer’s at left. The idea is to take a group of people, introduce them to WordPress and build a website with them in one day. Along the way, I’ll be talking about the decisions that have to made and the process that is involved. We’ll cover a ton of ground, from installing WordPress, to theme and plugin selection, to customization, to content creation — even SEO and site maintenance. It should be a fun day.

The course is open to everyone, but seating is limited to about 25 people. If you are a Hubud member, there is a generous discount. Register by contacting events@hubud.org

On 11 September, I’ll be doing a lunch time talk there as well. The talk is about the basics of website ownership (not WordPress specific) and will be largely driven by what the crowd wants to cover. That talk is free, but it is only open to Hubud members.

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